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Hydrophysio HP300 (Long Chamber)
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Product ID: HPHP20002

Hydrophysio HP300 (Long Chamber)

Hydrotherapy is a proven method of effective rehabilitation.

HYDRO PHYSIO's range of specialist products takes advantage of the well known benefits of training in water. We are proud to present our unique innovation and the positive effects it affords users.

HYDRO PHYSIO allows specialist hydrotherapy treatment, conditioning and training in a convenient, professional, environment. The design combines exercising in water with a hygienic treadmill. This results in exceptional patient levels of health and fitness with improved recovery times.

To appreciate the benefits of aquatic therapy it is necessary to understand the basic principles and properties of water. These include:

Relative Density - The relative density of an object is the ratio of the weight of the object to the weight of an equal volume of water.
Buoyancy - Aids in rehabilitation of weak muscles and painful joints by reducing weight-bearing on joints.
Hydrostatic Pressure - Fluid pressure is exerted equally on all surfaces of an immersed body, the deeper a body is immersed the greater the pressure.
Viscosity - A measure of the frictional resistance of a liquid, this is significantly greater in water than air.
Surface Tension - Occurs where water meets air and as a result resistance to movement is greater than movement in air alone.
Temperature - Water temperature can affect rehabilitation, aid relaxation and improve pain management.

These are important components to consider and understand when planning effective aquatic rehabilitation programmes.

Typical treatment levels
91% of weight on land - Lateral Malleolus    
85% of weight on land - Lateral Epicondyle
38% of weight on land - Greater Trochanter

Price: € 35,055.00
35,055.00 EUR 30,245.38 GBP 37,811.46 USD
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