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Andromeda Vacuum XP
Product ID: STAU0010

Andromeda Vacuum XP

Andromeda Vacuum XP is provided with a powerful
vacuum pump which, at the beginning of the cycle, ejects
the airpockets which are into the sterilization’s chamber,
and, at the end of the sterilization’s phase, grants a very
good drying. A sophisticated electronic device grants a
constant monitoring of pressure, temperature and time.
It can work also without the presence of the operator, as
all the functions are automatic. Andromeda Vacuum XP
has an electromagnetic block device on the door. The total
automatism of each phase of the cycle prevents from any
possible human error, also from inexperienced personnel.
Stainless steel chamber, uniformly heated by a band heating
element. Twin tank for clean and used water: Andromeda
Vacuum XP is provided with 5 cycles of sterilization: 121°
C and 134° C for unwrapped and wrapped instruments,
and a “flash” cycle for the fast sterilizations. Andromeda
Vacuum XP is supplied together with the printer built-ininto
the drive board.

Mechanical pump-generated vacuum
The autoclaves mod. Andromeda Vacuum Xp Plus -
Andromeda Vacuum Xp, adopt a pump vacuum system.
Before the sterilization cycle, a pump generates a powerful
depression or vacuum, removing all the air pockets present
in the sterilization chamber and inside the wrappings and
materials themselves. The vacuum pump is constructed
with special membranes for the aspiration of hot air
and steam. The pump-generated vacuum also ensures
optimum quality of the sterilization cycle for both
wrapped and unwrapped instruments. At the end of the
sterilization cycle, the pump starts up again to facilitate and
improve the drying phase. The vacuum system is adopted
for autoclaves that are able to sterilize S type loads.

Autoclaves certified for type S loads include hollow type B bodies
(pipes or instruments with a large cavity) as well as resistant thermoplastics,
wrapped and unwrapped solid materials.

Width 450 mm
Height 385 mm
Depht 540 mm
Weight 50 Kg
Main voltage 230V±10% A.C.
Frequency 50/60 HZ

Sterilization chamber dimension:
Diameter 243 mm
Depht 320 mm

Price: € 4,059.00
4,059.00 EUR 3,502.10 GBP 4,378.17 USD
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