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Categories » X-ray » X-ray Stands and Positionings

Redmark Cradle Set


Surgical cradles - the extra pair of hands!

An improved Small Animal Cradle System for X ray and surgical positioning and also preparation.

- Radiolucent - Halves staff exposure to X rays
- Halves pre-operative preparation time
- Facilitates surgery hygiene
- Simplicity of use
- Time saved in preparation
- Reduced time of anaesthesia for the patient (by approx. 10 minutes)
- Saving a pair of hands in preparation and X-ray
- Potential to save time and lives in an emergency
- Elimination of unhygienic ties blocks bandages and bags
- Body insulation and warming capability sufficient to avoid hypothermia
- Ease of cleaning and disinfection
- Lumbar step spreads abdominal organs into pelvic cavity to facilitate access to uterine bifurcation for spaying
- Cervical step for ease of tracheal intubation
- Hygienic robust insulated moulded plastic
Price: EUR235.00
235.00 EUR 202.76 GBP 253.48 USD



The Podoblock

- With a simple but unique system a cassette Holder can be placed in the slots of the podoblock.
- “hands free” use of the Cassettes in the podoblock.
- guarantees always the same angle in every position day in day out
- Minimizes the radiation maximal because of the "hands free" system.
- Saves time and a third person

Podoblock Height: 90 mm
120 mm
160 mm
Podoblock topblock Flatplate: Flatplate AP (+EUR85.00)
Flatplate LM & AP (+EUR85.00)
Flatplate LM & AP & 45 degrees (+EUR85.00)
No, thanks!
Podoblock topblock Angle: 45 degrees (+EUR85.00)
55 degrees (+EUR85.00)
60 degrees (+EUR85.00)
60 degrees Upright Pedal (+EUR85.00)
No, thanks!
Extra 10 degree Wedge: Yes (+EUR50.00)
No, thanks!
Podoblock Bottom Plate: Yes (+EUR25.00)
No, thanks!
"Air gap technique" Adaptor: Yes (+EUR95.00)
No, thanks!
Cassette Holder Type: Conventional
Price: EUR450.00
450.00 EUR 388.26 GBP 485.38 USD

The "Angleator"


The "Angleator"

- LM / AP and 45° flat x-rays
- Available for every CR and DR system
- This Combination is made on special request and now
standard available in our product range
- Standard hands-free system
- With the complete set you have 2 blocks including a Podoholder
- The ideal combination to take perfect hoof exams
-Guarantees the necessary equilibrium of the standing horse
- Eliminates the guessing about the exact angle
Price: EUR98.00
98.00 EUR 84.55 GBP 105.71 USD

The "Juliuster"


Hands free Device to offset the lower jaw to the 
 left or right:
- For open mouth view
- investigate the roots
- the occlusion surface of the cheeck teeth
- offset imagine by the dorso-ventral view
This device is designed, tested and approved in collaboration with:

- European Equine Dental Consultancy (EEDC)

- Julius W.E.Peters, veterinarian

Price: EUR365.00
365.00 EUR 314.92 GBP 393.70 USD

The "Denfinity"


In equine dentistry it is really important to take good quality x-rays from the skull.
The "Denfinity" enables hands free use taking:
- latero-medial
- dorsol-ventral
- several projections
- offset imagine
- 3D adjustable cassette holder
- Available for every CR cassette or DR plate

Price: EUR425.00
425.00 EUR 366.69 GBP 458.42 USD

Stat-X  Vaquero


- A Unique new foldable x-ray stand
- Measurements folded: 28cm x 30cm x 145cm
- Fits in any car
- Weight: only 15 KG !
- No loose parts at all
- VDL Konings develops X-ray stand for horses

Price: EUR2950.00
2,950.00 EUR 2,545.25 GBP 3,181.97 USD

Stat-X  Paqueno


The Stat-X Pequeno

- Is build on request by many Equine vets
- has all the great features and the same high quality as the Stat-X Vaquero

So what's new? the length:

- 1.05 meter!

Although the 1.47 meter Vaquero fits in most cars the Pequeno will fit in any often fully stacked vetcar

- Total weight Pequeno:15 Kg
- Maximum weight generator: 17 Kg
(Vaquero 25+ Kg)

The Stat-X pequeno is designed to take all x-rays including! the hind knee

If taking Back and head x-rays also are preferred the StatX Vaquero has to be purchased
Price: EUR2995.00
2,995.00 EUR 2,584.08 GBP 3,230.50 USD

Stat-X Foldable "Bucky" stand


- For back, neck, head and hip x-rays
- Cassetteholder is 3D adjustable!
- Maximum distance from the "high" radiation
- Full automatic system;
Arm and stand in height adjustable from
ground level up to 2.5m
- Plate holders are mountable with a quick
Cassette holder can be supplied with grid
compartment and grid, also tailor made
for the veterinarians own grid

The cassette Holder can be supplied for every existing system worldwide:
Conventional, CR and DR-systems
Price: EUR3485.00
3,485.00 EUR 3,006.85 GBP 3,759.03 USD

MXR Podoblock  Stat-X "Infinity"


The StatX "infinity" is the ultimate foldable stand.
It has all the options needed to x-ray quick and safe whatever part needed.
- handles every generator up to 25 Kg.
  Full automatic in height adjustable
  from ground level up to 2M.
  With the automatic lift arm the generator
  can be adjusted in height with one finger.
- "Bucky" stand with mountable plate holder
  For back, head, hock, there are no limits.
- Combination of both to be used in the OR
  for equine, small animals as well human
Price: EUR4200.00
4,200.00 EUR 3,623.75 GBP 4,530.26 USD



Aluminium wedge by PR J.M. DENOIX /Cirale
- Filters the radiation for optimal back / neck X-rays
- Large concave wedge with optional holder.
- To be used direct on horse /patient
- High purity homogeneous quality aluminium
- Dimensions: 400x200x40-0 mm
Price: EUR0.00
Out of Stock

MXR Grid compartment


MXR Grid compartment
- We advise strongly, based on our daily practical knowledge, to integrate the grid in a separate compartment
- The grid can be taken out if really needed but damaged, worn out grids belong to the past with this feature
Price: EUR0.00
Out of Stock

MXR podoblock "AIANGLE"


- Digital remote angle sensor
- Suitable to mount on every x-ray generator
- Stop quessing about the angle of your generator
- Plug and play
- Shows instantly the angle up to 360 Degrees
Price: EUR0.00
Out of Stock

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